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1FC Zabidrkhalid105833
2Redno CFOnder98928
3SoumoodMohammad Jameel93630
4elshaqataha mohamed90330
5RMgalacticosMohamMed Fouda8884
6Black BarcelonaKarim88812
7Forza Madridmohamedmohamed87112
8fc KosovoMULI86224
9hamooda squadhamooda syr85934
10MJA1Mohammad Alloush85829
11avengers 10abdelhamid85226
12Shaqtious fcshaquille hall84814
13The saintmazin emad84825
14jibby rosmeryfap fap fap81210
15HotspurWayHotspur Way80529
17Kecho 11Abel Kamal76827
18younismadristamohamed younis76122
19The Bat FamilyZak The Bat75114
20fontasPep Guardiola75038


League admin: drkhalid
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 17 coins
League rank: 54
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