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1Flop Starsztoufiqprantick150066
2MoonbeamMr Moonchester147150
4Fcb hahtusarHasib ahaammed140646
5Attacking ThirdRaihan139458
7Rise of ChampionFaisal Habib138855
8Luis Monty FCMurad136251
9Ayaz FCAyaz Ibn Rahman134558
10The EnemiesSz Shakib130854
11Real Superstars FCAbid Hasan130570
13Helal 11Luis Enrique129955
14ik 11ik129861
16Lol elevenTariqul Islam Tareq126854
17Real bloodnazmulark126759
18forhad barcaForhad barca124759
19Tamak PataCarletto124647
20The Service ClubYanuzai Anis124543

FFBD La Liga Fans

League admin: toufiqprantick
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 23 coins
League rank: 42
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