1Cris2109Muhammad Nawar135655
2RMD 42Nasser131649
3FC SebkiSebastian129063
4Zak teamZakaria al Chami124149
5LM10 Soccer clubShakil123446
6Young flamesYoung savage122444
7Heart to heartHafiiz121654
8Rhuben fcRhuben119941
9Nader999Nader Mahmoud118650
10Kikiki FCMuhammad117941
11FC LeyshSulleysh110031
12Lwazimjr FCLwazi Mkhize109839
14Khalil ReyKhalil108657
15Fc StarsMusaB Zoul108258
17ASA Cape TownSergio desko107735
19The Real GALATICOSEl Dios Rexhaj93928

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League admin: ahmed
Starting round: 9
Ending round: 38
Prize: 0 coins
League rank: 118
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