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1MadridX FCMadridX216971
2Royal Tartous FcRoyal Man208846
3A-Z FCLeagues Winner208259
4Musketeers FCX man207577
5Atletico Syria FCAtleti Man202968
7The Doctors FCAlaa193539
8Mohammed Club FCMohammed186349
9Def Teammajdiqadi185431
10Kurd FCJuan184956
11The UnKnown FCModar184570
12Painters FCMark178858
13alg safmido175854
14The Spirit FCManzano175256
15The Future TeamAli173549
16ShadowKingMihai Sirbu170939
17Super Mario FCMario164536
18Agag CFAgag164146
19Success TeamPerfect Coach161652
20Morocco Team FCAli160335


League admin: MadridX
Starting round: 1
Ending round: 38
Prize: 525 coins
League rank: 43
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