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1CFC Blue BeastsWajid Iqbal Ahmed10397
2Bengal WazirkaliersWercoz108
3Bengal YernzilersTirnwoz108
4Bengal WiqurzaliererAwuilac911
5Bengal ZernzaweriersRilcauw88
6Bengal WaizicaiersTewaziq811
7Bengal ZockzeriersTyrnziz76
8Bengal AwlaizerersTiriziw76
9Bengal WaizkailersWernzoz76
10Bengal ZinzailerersToriwik64
11Bengal ZyzawiersWerezaw65
12Bengal TerzinzacersAsizaz66
13Bengal AwequiersZernziz67
14Bengal ZewzilaiersWiricaz54
15Bengal ZernzoclairsTipozir56
16Bengal ZernzolaiersTawirik54
17Bengal WernweriziersTozayiriz56
18Bengal TewzailersWincaz43
19Bengal DzarezcaviersIcicer43
20Bengal WilcozailersTeriaw45

The Big Class League

League admin: Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
Starting round: 37
Ending round: 37
Prize: 938 coins
League rank: 447
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