1CFC Blue BeastsWajid Iqbal Ahmed13797
2Bengal CercicalersCarezic197
3Bengal ArewailerersTercizers1811
4Bengal TarwozaiersWiczazers1812
5Bengal AquaziliucersRiczeres1811
6Bengal ZernzawersAszires176
7Bengal CertifizarersCarelair175
8Bengal YerazilersTrewicaz176
9Bengal CarncariersAwezir128
10Bengal WernzalawersTipozerac127
11Bengal AwrieliersAscauler1110
12Bengal CarcailersAweziraz99
13Bengal WaicziliersYorizers83
14Bengal CairnwailersCirzocar84
15Bengal ZernzalaiersRazeraic54
16Bengal ZylaizersTinpocar55
17Bengal WailcazairesRinzar310

The Tightest League

League admin: Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
Starting round: 36
Ending round: 36
Prize: 638 coins
League rank: 429
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