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1CFC Blue BeastsWajid Iqbal Ahmed9560
2Bengal HoiquersHaoza1219
3Bengal KoipersArif418
4Bengal PiulersTruzim13
5Bengal NuflersJaaghas613
6Bengal AzxersNaozikh618
7Bengal PiopersKarjo413
8Bengal NoifersKhesto129
9Bengal WiresPazek16
10Bengal KriuversVazekh77
11Bengal CizersPokaz147
12Bengal YorzereJyovesh185
13Bengal WasquersKopir26
14Bengal ForersGyzor314
15Bengal YoupersRajish511
16Bengal PoipersFrouz315
17Bengal IlkersHimzoop010
18Bengal WiopersMukhsar811
19Bengal SietersKurzeem41
20Bengal WitersHazmat106

The Toughest League

League admin: Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
Starting round: 3
Ending round: 3
Prize: 1163 coins
League rank: 271
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