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1CFC Blue BeastsWajid Iqbal Ahmed13697
2Bengal RizawerersCirtoz1117
3Bengal TiczozersRicozer617
4Bengal RizcozaersIpoxir66
5Bengal RizawererszToicos616
6Bengal SazuirsCazaers510
7Bengal RozizcarersIycaz311
8Bengal IpzazalersOiczarer34
9Bengal TriptriversOpaz313
10Bengal RytzaclairszTiocos23
11Bengal TyzalTitucs26
12Bengal AzowersTonitor213
13Bengal ArewalecsSozizor25
14Bengal IpzazersOiczar25
15Bengal RazzarersTuyciz17
16Bengal TulipzersIpurzaz112
17Bengal TyzielersRitopoz05
18Bengal RizicorsIlpoz05
19Bengal RitzaersTocub010
20Bengal TorwezersRetrociz06

The Up Class League

League admin: Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
Starting round: 32
Ending round: 32
Prize: 863 coins
League rank: 431
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