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1CFC Blue BeastsWajid Iqbal Ahmed960
2Bengal YoshersBulkhan100
3Bengal JuplersDawash160
4Bengal QazersDazaar100
5Bengal WazarsFazoor70
6Bengal IzersJomu142
7Bengal LazersVazar81
8Bengal KiopersGazak02
9Bengal SadersResaz10
10Bengal UzersHazka50
11Bengal ChappersThariz50
12Bengal JazmersKazpo80
13Bengal VulkersRazzak10
14Bengal HoozersJamzu40
15Bengal MonersKakar00
16Bengal OppersFarzu80
17Bengal OiaersPrazoom10
18Bengal OippersWasaz30
19Bengal QaziersTizar30
20Bengal TrillersUnzuk30

The mastermind's lea

League admin: Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
Starting round: 2
Ending round: 2
Prize: 1163 coins
League rank: 297
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